Exoskeleton research platform for freelance developers to exceed expectations for lower extremity
The BES-PRO Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Robot (Developer Edition) is a leading professional-grade exoskeleton robot product made by the ULS Robotics team on its own exoskeleton technology platform for the education, research, and medical industries.
The underlying hardware is compatible with diverse environments
Technology leadership Exoskeleton software system architecture
API SDK Software packages
Software packages such as pattern gait customization
Plantar pressure sensing
Flexible plantar pressure sensing array bipedal 32 channels
Multiple system communication combinations
Low latency propagation speed
Diverse applications Support multiple development function modes
Customizable gait profile
Adaptive following gait
Force impedance control booster package
Torque Mode Control
Continuous PVT motion control
Torque Mode Control
Data Development
Wireless data interoperability
Real-time acquisition of exoskeleton posture position boost and other data
Gait Mode Demo
Passive gait
Follow the gait
PVT motion control
Leg length adjustment
Load force balance
Product Advantages
Scientific research exoskeleton preferred teaching aids
Excellent performance
Drivetrain update Integrated power concealment design Slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing shape
Model number
Equipment size
Hand control size
Drive method
Applicable height
Ambient temperature
Equipment weight
BES-Pro Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Robot
542x411x1385(mm) (L×W×H)
Power usage time
Degree of freedom
Plantar pressure
Drive unit
102x71x35(mm) (L×W×H)
Equipment weight <18kg, including 1 section of power cell
Electric power-assisted drive
160~185cm (height adjustment supported)
- 20℃~50℃
Lithium battery replaceable structure, 4~6h/cell
Lithium battery 36V
12 degrees of freedom proprioception, 4 active degrees of freedom, 8 passive degrees of freedom
Engineering plastics, aerospace aluminum, carbon fiber
Motion control software, embedded system software, real-time discrete bus system software
32-channel plantar pressure data support
Drive-controlled integrated low-voltage torque type servo motor system with integrated gearbox

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